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From smarter investing to faster productization to upskilling your workforce, Slalom helps you quickly go from opportunity to tangible outcomes with our AI solutions.

Focus on driving value in three areas 

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Invest in AI wisely

We help you establish clear business cases, evaluate the potential of your ideas, and establish the right AI operations to monitor your investments.

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Move quickly on your AI ideas

It’s time to take your use cases from planning to production by leveraging emerging technologies. Grounded in tangible benefits, our approach to AI-accelerated engineering helps you move from ideation to real-world use.

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Create an adaptive workforce

Building an adaptive organization requires helping your people navigate new skills, tools, and technologies. We understand the change management, communications, and organization design to support your evolving workforce.

Talk to one of our AI experts

The proof is in the payoff. We help you quickly drive tangible business results with AI.

of new revenue in 60 days for a major cruise line
increase in new code generation efficiency for a leading healthcare insurance provider
hours saved annually for a global pharmaceutical company

AI breakthroughs across industries

Success Stories

Life sciences

From exploratory to empowered

With the pharmaceutical industry at the cusp of an AI revolution, Takeda recognized the strategic advantage of an AI-empowered workforce. We tapped into our team’s expansive GenAI expertise to develop a two-day workshop composed of an AI proficiency assessment, collaborative brainstorms, and hands-on exercises.

These efforts increased Takeda’s AI proficiency levels by 91% and helped their employees identify 75% more AI use cases, accelerating daily work and driving overall productivity. There was also a substantial increase in chatbot comfortability, surging by 162%.

Retail & consumer goods

From turbulent to trustworthy

We helped United Airlines implement generative AI, developing solutions that empower their employees and elevate the customer experience.

The result? Customer service efficiencies and greater transparency for travelers that helped strengthen customer trust and dramatically improve the company’s net promoter score.


From paywall to payday

Partnering with AWS, we helped a national healthcare payer seamlessly integrate a “no-touch” ingestion capability with its existing processes and policies, creating an integrated feedback loop for model monitoring and recognizing improvements.

Through this implementation, we helped reduce the company’s three-day claim process to less than 24 hours, dramatically increasing patient ratings and unlocking an estimated $100M in government funding.

Media & communications

From crowds to connection

As its fan base continues to evolve and grow, the Cubs wanted to be able to recognize, understand, and connect with every fan while maximizing ticket sales.

Diving into their customer data, we combined human insight and machine learning analysis to develop an effective customer segmentation model and 12 customer personas. The Cubs can now confidently create new, engaging experiences that win hearts and drive business growth.


From carbon to clarity

We partnered with a large renewable energy company to methodically test, measure, and build its most innovative AI ideas to support an ambitious and incredibly important goal: a decarbonized future.

In just eight weeks, we helped the company identify and prioritize 36 use cases, representing tens of millions in value. Leaders now have a process for rapidly scaling the right ideas across the organization and business cases for every idea moving into production.

Manufacturing & mobility

From risk to reliability

While Kawasaki has been manufacturing large machinery for 100+ years, the company is now taking on a new challenge: making it easier (and less expensive) for US rail companies to keep their tracks safe.

In collaboration with several of our technology partners, we helped Kawasaki develop a new product for its Track Maintenance Platform. Using AI and ML, this new product provides deeper insights into freight rail conditions, leading to more efficient maintenance efforts.

Retail & consumer goods

From escalations to ease

We partnered with Virgin Voyages, a luxury cruise line, to develop Vivi, one of the first generative AI-powered digital humans built on Salesforce.

With the launch of Vivi, Virgin Voyages elevated its customer experience, alleviated management costs, and reduced call center escalations by more than 20%, reshaping the typical chatbot experience and setting a new standard for online customer service.

Life sciences

From possibility to prevention

We used machine learning (ML) to help advance Hologic’s digital cytology platform, enabling it to autonomously detect cancerous or pre-cancerous cells in patient samples. 
The result was a proof-of-concept algorithm that autonomously determined slide-level classification of pap test images with ~70% relative sensitivity compared to human review, helping promote earlier diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

Public & social impact

From crisis to coordination

Using AI, we helped create a fast and thorough way for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to review project proposals so that people get the help they need during humanitarian crises.

In less than three weeks, we built a successful proof of concept that would help OCHA direct funding where it’s needed most, as well as share insights with donors. 

Financial services

From paperwork to precision

As part of the Machine Learning Embark program, we partnered with AWS to help Celink determine its highest-value use cases, leading to 121% ROI over three years. 
The proof of concept we codeveloped automated Celink’s process for filing mortgage loan defaults to initiate foreclosure with 97% accuracy, while keeping humans in the loop. We also helped upskill 22 business and technical executives as well as 16 technologists on Celink’s team. 

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Featured insight

Making sense of AI’s contradictions

Our accelerators get you results faster

Microsoft Fabric & OpenAI Integration

By combining GenAI with Microsoft Fabric's ability to create a single view of your organization's data, this accelerator delivers transformative analytics capabilities to our customers.

GenAI Testbed on AWS

Built on native Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, this accelerator enables clients to deploy their own internal experimentation environment and swap between models in a safe and controlled manner.

Salesforce AI Accelerator for Engaging Virtual Assistants

Enhance your customer’s experience by providing personalized, dynamic, and conversational interactions with AI-powered assistants.

Google Cloud AI-Augmented Financial Advisor

This accelerator analyzes customer calls, conducts relevant research, and tracks key takeaways while providing real-time conversational recommendations, allowing advisors to expand their customer base and provide better service.

Databricks AI Lakehouse Accelerator

As an official Brickbuilder Accelerator, the AI Lakehouse Accelerator is an all-in-one package for standing up a data lakehouse. We help our clients implement an analytical capability faster and provide a framework to grow their data estates.

Snowflake Generative AI Workshops

Leveraging Slalom’s expertise in strategy, technology, and business transformation with Snowflake’s cutting-edge Data Cloud platform, these workshops are designed to empower organizations at every stage of the GenAI journey.

Let's turn your AI aspirations into real value