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Microsoft & Slalom

For more than two decades, we’ve delivered innovation side by side with Microsoft, designing and deploying the solutions that allow big ideas to have an even bigger impact on our customers—and theirs. 

From global retailers to world-changing nonprofits, from tech giants to specialty restaurants, we’re reimagining the modern workplace to enable everyone on the planet to achieve more—and we’re doing it together.


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JRCS: Digitizing the shipping industry

We partner with change-making clients to shape the future around Microsoft technology, because we know the future will be built with Microsoft.


  • Business Applications
  • Data & AI
  • Digital & App Innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Modern Work
  • Security

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Through Slalom's people-first approach and Microsoft's innovation, together we jointly navigate the landscapes of Azure, AI, security, data, modern workplace, and business applications, illuminating pathways to success that resonate across industries and elevate the standards of excellence.

Nina Harding
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft, Americas, Global Partners Solutions

Slalom employee Nina Harding.

Our featured solutions


Fabric and OpenAI Integration

With the leading perspective on Microsoft Fabric, Slalom is ready to bring your business a unified analytics solution in the era of generative AI across every aspect of the Microsoft data platform.

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Azure Kubernetes Accelerator

We created the Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) accelerator to shorten the onboarding of all projects using AKS. In just four weeks, we’ll help your organization move from zero to deployed apps, policies, and security in seconds.

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Azure - Data Lakehouse Accelerator

This accelerator provides a framework for you to grow your data estate. It simplifies loading data into a Lakehouse, so your teams can focus on what really matters—extracting value from data.

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Azure - Landing Zone Accelerator

This high-performance solution brings speed to delivery, efficiency to operational costs, and security to the end product and all other subsequent resources that interact with the Landing Zone.

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