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Manufacturers win when they bake customer obsession into everything they do.  

At Slalom, we understand what it takes to build an end-to-end ecosystem that drives extraordinary experiences. From supply chain optimization to digital factories, we help global and emerging companies create intelligent, real-time, connected solutions to reach their goals. 

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JRCS: Digitizing the shipping industry

We work with companies of all sizes to help them deliver for customers and take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Our manufacturing and mobility expertise

Discrete manufacturers 

Manufacturing goods—from tiny screws to full-fledged heavy products—is the process of value creation in its most essential form. We envision, design, and build digital solutions around this process, contributing to better tomorrows for all.

Process manufacturers

Process manufacturers span the chemical, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and biotech industries. We leverage the power of cloud, data, AI/ML, and other new technologies to help them drive efficiency across their operations and identify new revenue streams in the market. 


Individual mobility has always been part of human nature. Along with technological breakthroughs, innovation, and disruption, we support the definition and execution of new business models as well as their technological foundations.


With a fundamental shift happening across research, development, design, and manufacturing of next-generation aircraft and pilot training solutions, aerospace is an industry at the forefront of innovation and rapid change. We serve customers working at the frontiers of commerce, military, and space.

Construction & engineering

The construction and engineering industry is going through a rapid digital transformation across digital operations, digital engineering, modular construction, and strategic sourcing. We can support by designing complex engineering projects to building multiyear transformations of bridges, buildings, and everything in between.

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