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Slalom is a next-generation professional services company with heart.

By putting people first at every turn—both our customers and our team members—we’ve evolved a consulting experience like no other. One that’s nimble, responsive, and tailored to your unique needs. We provide exactly the support you need, and we make it easy to enjoy the journey.

We are problem solvers.

We work at the intersection of business, technology, and humanity to deeply understand your “why” and deliver practical, end-to-end solutions. From the best strategists to the most talented engineers and everyone in between, our team members drive actionable results and long-term impact.

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Customer love is our most important measure

Our focus on our customers, and their customers, is unwavering. We measure customer love in 10 dimensions and use those metrics to guide our business.

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Momentum that outlasts us

We learn what you need, customize solutions for you, and work with you to drive results. Along the way, we upskill and empower your teams to keep the momentum going after we leave.

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Head and heart in everything we do

We show up authentically and get to know you, leading with empathy and kindness. Projects succeed or fail because of people, and we get the people part right.

A woman engages with a screen of an AI person at Dreamforce. Vivi, a GenAI-powered digital human, drew a crowd at Dreamforce 2023 as participants lined up to interact with her. Built on Salesforce using Slalom’s digital expertise, Vivi is helping Virgin Voyages redefine customer satisfaction in the cruise industry.​

We team with leaders in the world’s most impactful organizations to discover, design, and build powerful customer experiences, new ways of working, and business model breakthroughs.

Founded in 2001, Slalom is an employee-owned, high-growth company known for bringing together deep local experience with global insights across 49 offices in eight countries. Guided by our shared values, we leverage extensive industry knowledge, end-to-end services, and transformative technologies to help our customers build better tomorrows faster.

Interconnected team members
Technology partners
Local offices

A slalom team member meets with a client as they partner together to create solutions.

Our partners

Going further, together

As we collaborate with our customers every day, our strong partnerships with over 700 leading technology providers help us bring the best ideas and solutions to the table.

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Our locations

Local soul, global scale

Get the best of both worlds: consultants committed to your long-term success who live where they work, plus the resources of a robust global network.

Our vision is a world in which each person has the opportunity to love their life and work.

Two Slalom employee's have fun at an event in NYC.
Slalom New York teammates Audubon Dougherty and Jenna Ficula celebrate the opening of Slalom Element Lab212 in One World Trade Center, NYC. This lab is a unique space where our customers can unleash their creativity as we explore cutting-edge innovations together.

Our purpose is to help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all.

The Slalom team volunteers to help make the Earth more green.
At Slalom, we’re committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work, and regularly work on community improvement projects. Here team members from Slalom Atlanta work together to clean up a local community garden.

Our values are more than just words...

Do what is right,

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Drive connection
and teamwork.

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Inspire passion
and adventure.

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Take ownership.
Get it done.

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Focus on

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Fuel growth and

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Stay humble
and curious.

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Build and shape
a better future.

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Icon of a smile.

...they're our foundation.

Awards & recognition

Helping our planet, communities, and people thrive

Slalom employee's working together in the office.

Inclusion, diversity & equity

Our diversity makes us better

The Slalom team donates to help clean up the beach.


Our commitment to a healthier planet

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Our Impact

Each year, we report on our planet, community, and people impact

Let’s solve together.