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Cloud travelers, explore the business benefits of the cloud

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Discover pathways in the cloud that lead to business value

There’s something to be said for moving to the cloud and optimizing your organization’s cloud environment at a time when best practices are well established. 

Major cloud providers now have their own robust adoption frameworks. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has been around for over five years, since 2015. And, more recent years have offered up evidence that specific practices can help organizations accelerate their journey to cloud value. Examples of this kind of value include improvements in cloud spend forecast accuracy, cost measurement, and cost optimization, as well as improved overall business position

Don’t get us wrong: We love uncharted territory. Part of the appeal of being in the cloud is being able to go places few others have gone before—especially not your competitors. But even innovation in the cloud has its own set of proven patterns.  

Whether you are migrating to the cloud or already settled there, keep using best practices to find the right path. Research and our own experience with clients indicate that the best of these best practices revolve around two areas: business and people. Our insiders’ guides to cloud travel are meant to help you focus on business and people at two pivotal phases of the cloud journey. Check them out below! 

Building cloud momentum

So much about a successful cloud journey lies in how you start it off. Some say, “go slow to go fast.” If you’re at the beginning of your cloud journey, we think it’s more apt to say, “start strategic to gain speed.” Here’s how to do that, as well as how to bring your people with you to the cloud and enable them to thrive there. 

Cloud on a path

Becoming a cloud local

From learning how to continuously optimize your cloud costs to arriving at the cloud’s more transformational benefits—agility, velocity, and innovation—getting to greater business value in the cloud requires getting more immersed in it. This is how to use modern technology, models, and mindsets to become a cloud local.

Cloud on path

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