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Slalom partners with Google Cloud to launch a new Google Generative AI Center of Excellence

Seattle, WA – June 28, 2023 – Slalom, a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company, is thrilled to announce an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud to introduce its new Google Cloud Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) by enabling more than 600 employees with advanced Google Cloud AI skills. This collaboration is already furthering the consultancy’s Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, bringing the adoption of Google Cloud’s GenAI technologies to customers faster. The CoE assists customers in navigating from ideation to sustained value by helping identify how to best leverage Google Cloud’s enterprise-ready generative AI capabilities, providing businesses with enterprise-level capabilities they can implement in a controlled way.  

Slalom provides a fiercely human approach to supporting businesses looking to tap into AI technologies through GenAI. With active Google Cloud collaboration and the new Google Cloud GenAI CoE, Slalom is positioned to accelerate customer impact. Google Cloud GenAI workshops, demos, and accelerators enable solutions tailored to each organization’s use cases, empowering people to develop and deploy GenAI models at scale. Participants can learn about Google Cloud’s GenAI capabilities, explore practical use cases, and gain insights into implementing AI solutions to solve complex challenges. 

“Google Cloud’s GenAI tools help bring the best solutions to our customers in a secure and responsible way. At Slalom, we believe that across industries, from financial services to life sciences, and retail to non-profits, GenAI will revolutionize the way teams work. And we are committed to helping our customers realize the full benefits of these powerful new tools to build better tomorrows for all,” said Tony Rojas, President of Slalom.  

The new Google Cloud GenAI CoE is part of Slalom’s Global Google practice, which encompasses a wide range of capabilities. The global team serves as a group dedicated to Slalom’s strategic perspective and technology expertise on Google Cloud’s products. The practice has experienced rapid growth and attracted top talent to ensure the development and deployment of human-centered solutions for customers. 

“Generative AI has the potential to significantly improve business processes, such as streamlining time-consuming tasks or enriching the insights customers get from their data,” said Kevin Icchpurani, Corporate VP, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels, Google Cloud. “Slalom will provide organizations with the expertise needed to successfully identify and deploy generative AI projects with Google Cloud technology, enabling long-term value for customers and improving everyday experiences for their employees.”  

The Slalom team will continue to gain insights into AI best practices, develop AI models, and find new ways to leverage Google Cloud’s AI technologies effectively, to support our customers. In addition, Slalom will be hosting AI roundtables and hackathons to foster innovation. These events will bring together talented individuals, encouraging them to unleash their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Attendees will work toward developing innovative AI use cases that address real-world challenges and create tangible value for customers. With the new GenAI workshop and expanded advanced Google Cloud GenAI skills, Slalom is poised to help customers significantly increase their time to value.  

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