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We come from digital agencies, consulting firms, startups and enterprises, all attracted by the promise of helping companies realise their vision. London is leading the way with people-centric digital transformation, and our team here is focused on bringing strategic solutions to life, modernising our clients, and transforming culture. Looking for experienced people to execute with you on high-impact projects? Slalom is designed to serve that need in London, the UK, and across Europe.

Slalom London

2 London Bridge
London, SE1 9RA, UK

Local soul, global scale

"Next-level leadership is helping your teams to push past any doubts and go for it!"

Learn more about our London culture, office, clients, partners, and more from our local General Manager, Todd Sink.

Slalom General Manager Todd Sink. Todd believes in leadership as a privilege, focusing on making a positive impact on individuals' careers and lives.

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