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Now, more than ever, it’s vital that our natural resources are responsibly and efficiently managed.

Our experts have supported global leaders in agriculture, energy, environmental services, chemicals, and much more—connecting teams around the world and attracting top talent for future-focused innovation.

Windmills dot a rolling green landscape.

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Our global customers include innovators of all sizes, including eight of the top 10 power utilities in the US.

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New reports showing the surge in agricultural input prices are raising concerns about global food security. The industry shifting focus to reducing food waste and loss while still fighting supply issues means investing in technology and infrastructure. We’re here to help tackle these ambitious projects and enable long-term success.


The global petroleum industry faces many challenges in a decarbonizing world. Similarly, the power and utilities industry is confronted by a grid marked by intermittent generation and materially increased demand led by electric vehicles. We focus on a data-driven strategy that starts with a clear vision of the future where the consumer is front and center.

Environmental services

We have a responsibility and opportunity to do good in the world, including bringing critical awareness to how organizations impact both people and the planet. We consciously consider the entire business footprint to guide sustainable growth and build resilience, driving change that will positively impact communities for generations.

Materials & chemicals

To operate in an ever-changing environment, materials and chemicals companies will be challenged by new industry policies and consumer expectations. We help companies focus on objectives to reduce emissions and carbon footprints.

Natural resources

In today’s changing environment, there’s immense pressure for natural resource companies to focus on the greater good. With workplace transformation, transitions to new technologies, and new regulations to consider, we can help navigate change, improve operations, and drive efficiency on a global scale.

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