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Slalom Calgary brings business, technology, and transformation solutions to clients in Calgary, and across Alberta. Our people-first, values-driven approach is a perfect fit for Canada’s sunniest city, and Slalom is thrilled to be part of this friendly community. As a perennial “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For" and a premier partner to the likes of Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Salesforce, we bring more local jobs, inspire exciting careers, and create high-value impact for our clients.

Slalom Calgary

Floor 19, 700 2nd Street SW 
Calgary AB

Local soul, global scale

"True success is measured in environmental and social terms, not just financial results."

Learn more about our West Canada culture, offices, clients, partners, and more from our local general manager, Stephanie Van Eyk.

Slalom General Manager Stephanie Van Eyk. Stephanie's journey from client to General Manager is a testament to Slalom's culture and impact.

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