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Generative AI with Slalom and Salesforce

Experience AI-Driven Success with Slalom and Salesforce

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Revolutionizing Generative AI in Salesforce

Are you looking to incorporate generative AI into your business but not sure where to start? While everyone's talking about AI, Slalom is leading the way as Salesforce's #1 AI-certified partner in North America! We’ve dedicated ourselves to exploring the potential of AI and developed a cutting-edge solution for seamless integration into your organization. 

Backed by our proven framework and customer success, including our groundbreaking collaboration with Virgin Voyages, Slalom has demonstrated the transformative power of AI and we're ready to guide you along your Gen AI journey.

Marketing in the Era of Generative AI

In the era of Generative AI, marketing is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the promise of time-saving technologies and enhanced personalization. Watch our on-demand webinar, Marketing in the Era of Generative AI, to hear experts from Salesforce and Slalom discuss how marketers can harness the power of AI and data to create personalized, customer-driven experiences.

Slalom and Virgin Voyages Set Sail into the Future with Revolutionary Gen AI-powered Customer Service Powered by Salesforce

In a visionary move designed to transform the cruise industry, our team debuted “Vivi” – the first generative AI-powered digital human built on Salesforce – to help Virgin Voyages reshape the way their customers use technology to plan their perfect trip. 

A happy and relazed Virgin Voyages passenger starts their day with breakfast and reading.

See GenAI in Action with Vivi

Don’t just follow the AI conversation—lead it with Slalom. Receive a personalized demo of Vivi to help you visualize what’s possible now and in the future. 

Slalom’s Generative AI Accelerator for Salesforce

Explore the benefits of how our generative AI accelerator can make your life easier—whether you use Salesforce for customer service, sales, marketing, or more. 

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Laying a Strong Foundation for AI with Data Cloud

In order to unlock the power of AI, a strong data foundation is key. With recent  advancements announced at Dreamforce, Data Cloud can connect your disparate data sources so you can take action on it, while simplifying your need to maintain complex integrations.

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