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Slalom Ventures

Uncovering the next generation of technology partners

At Slalom, we cultivate strong partnerships with over 700 technology companies across industry verticals, and we’re always looking around the corner to discover what’s next. Slalom Ventures identifies, nurtures, and de-risks early-stage startup solutions that bring breakthrough value to our clients. 

We’re looking for the next generation of enterprise startup technologies that our consultants and engineers can apply to accelerate value creation for our customers.

Our focus

We discover, support, and test drive bold startups across key industry sectors with our marquee clients. To be considered, startups must meet specific criteria.

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Enabling tech for joint delivery

Startup tech should create value when paired with our consultants and engineers.


Abundant utility

Startup’s enabling technology must be useful to a broad range of customers across industry verticals. 

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Right timing

Startup should be near series A, have validated paying customers, and be ready to scale.

Think your startup might be a fit?

Our partner ecosystem 

We’ve built a strong partner ecosystem with leading venture capital firms, CVCs, and accelerators. Our unique value proposition lies in running selected startups of mutual interest through our validation program, fast-tracking their product-market fit, and significantly reducing investment risk for all stakeholders.  

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Product-market fit

We validate startup technology through a partnership model in which we match experienced advisors and connect startups with 10-20 Slalom enterprise customers, allowing us to measure market interest and assess product-market fit.


Proof of concept

We run POCs with interested customers, gathering valuable insight on startup technologies and potential solutions.

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Proven startups join Slalom’s technology partner program, providing access to our sales team and 2,000+ global customers. 

Let’s solve together.