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We simultaneously launched Slalom Michigan at the peak of the city’s resurgence and when our business hit a new gear in its pace of growth. There’s a humble but palpable pride among our 300+ consultants—pride in Michigan, Slalom, and what we're building here together. We love investing our time and energy into Michigan, and working with clients who share our passion for helping this city thrive. 


660 Woodward Avenue 
Suite 1975
Detroit, MI 48226


250 Monroe Ave NW
Suite 150
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Local soul, global scale

"The two biggest reasons I chose Slalom were the strength of its local model and especially its people-first culture."

Learn more about our Slalom Michigan culture, office, clients, partners, and more from our local General Manager, David Rouls.

Slalom General Manager David Rouls David is a fiercely human leader with a passion for transformation and a commitment to the Motor City.

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