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Hyatt Hotels: Making customers happier and billing simpler

At a glance

To make customers happier and billing simpler, Hyatt Hotels needed to redefine the group billing experience. We built a fully integrated, mobile-friendly app that provides real-time visibility on spending and allows managers to deliver clear, accurate bills quickly.

what we did

  • Mobile application development
  • Agile product engineering
  • Custom integrations

Hyatt Hotels creates experiences that make people happy, but its group billing process didn’t always support that. It was slow and made on-the-fly event changes difficult to track. Without a portable, automated tracking process, it’s nearly impossible to accurately capture every billing detail. Charges for an impromptu happy hour are scribbled on a cocktail napkin here; an additional meeting room rental noted on a scrap of paper there—leaving event planners anything but happy. And when disputed, Hyatt would write off those charges in order to preserve customer relationships.

So, Hyatt set out to simplify group billing. And it asked us to help.

Hyatt group bill app

Like the chocolate on your pillow

We developed Group Bill, an app for Hyatt Hotels that radically transformed the billing experience. It makes event billing simple, accurate, and much faster—an all-around sweeter experience.

Five-star billing

  • Integrated system. Group Bill integrates five point-of-sale and property management systems.
  • Budget alerts. Alerts can be set up to appear if an event goes 10% over or under budget.
  • Billing categories. Group expenses are divided into accountant-ready categories.
  • Real-time visibility. Automatic spending updates give daily access to real-time spend.
  • Intuitive information. Bill summary with table of contents and category links improves overall workflow and minimizes reconciliation time.
  • Easy export. Bills can be quickly and easily exported to Excel.

Now we’re finding that managers are spending less than an hour on billing and customers are getting a bill within days of leaving our hotels. It really has been a life saver from a time savings point of view.

Do you have a process that needs streamlining?