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ResponseTap: Salesforce platform cuts admin time by 65%

At a glance

ResponseTap, a B2B call-tracking firm, needed a new sales foundation to better serve customers and support rapid growth. We implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud to give a single, centralized view of customers and opportunities.

What we did

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation
  • Salesforce Service Cloud implementation
  • Centralized view of customers and opportunities
  • Systems integration

ResponseTap helps companies like Mercedes Benz, Virgin, and British Gas connect their customers’ activity to call center calls, delivering richer customer insights and maximised sales.

What started as an idea exchanged between two college friends over some pints has rapidly grown into the U.K.’s leading Call Intelligence platform. ResponseTap had a CRM system in place, but it was quickly reaching its capacity. The company needed a strong sales foundation to better serve customers and support its rapid growth and expansion. That’s when ResponseTap started talking to Slalom.

A 3D snowman and a guy named James

To get started, Slalom led ResponseTap’s sales team through a series of journey-mapping workshops. The first one was delivered over the holidays, and Aaron Allport, a Salesforce solution principal at Slalom, wore his most festive jumper for the occasion.

“It had a 3D snowman on it. I’m not sure if it helped or not,” Allport laughs.

Slalom mapped out the sales journey from soup to nuts, using ResponseTap’s own sales team to develop relatable personas. “One of the key personas was based on a sales executive named James,” Allport says. “So everyone could immediately picture who that is and relate to him.”

Getting to know ResponseTap’s sales force—their personalities, team dynamics, processes, tools, and challenges—was the first step to designing a solution that worked for them.

Slalom was the ideal partner for us during the implementation of Salesforce. Their agile and pragmatic work approach meant we incurred no waste or distraction in the process, and throughout the project the Slalom team challenged us positively to ensure we kept scalability and adoption in mind for launch.

Goodbye Post-Its, hello Salesforce

We quickly learned that the sales team was struggling with disparate reporting. New leads, account details, contacts, and opportunities were tracked haphazardly—an Excel spreadsheet here, a scribbled Post-It note there. Rationalising piles of custom reports cost the sales team precious time, and made it next to impossible to report performance consistently and generate a single customer view. The gap in reporting and customer information led to missed upsell opportunities and increased admin work for the sales team.

The results are in

The Slalom team implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud to give ResponseTap a single, centralized view of its customers and opportunities. It’s removed any guesswork, enabling ResponseTap’s sales team to look back on their history with customers and look ahead at new opportunities six months down the road. Now when call agents pick up the phone, they know who’s on the other end of the line.

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Slalom successfully got us up and running with an effective sales CRM and migrated us to Salesforce Service Cloud to enhance our single customer view.

ResponseTap’s partnership with Salesforce also gives their customers a better offering. Through the Salesforce AppExchange, customers can now easily add ResponseTap to their Salesforce solutions to truly bridge the gap between online marketing and offline sales. Used together, customers can reduce cost per call by 53 percent, and increase sales conversions by up to 20 percent.

ResponseTap now has the sales infrastructure and processes to scale. “They can onboard people quicker, and that leads to faster sales,” says Allport. “They’ve optimised their sales processes, and they’ve elevated customer service.”

And that’s really the crux of ResponseTap’s success: a happier workforce that’s free to focus on delivering a great experience to customers.

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