Seattle Aquarium: Empowering collaboration

At a glance

When the Seattle Aquarium wanted to improve internal communication, we helped build a better way to collaborate online—with a new intranet known as “Aquanet.”

What we did

  • Intranet design and development
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Remember visiting the aquarium as a child? Aquariums provide a magical look under the sea, punctuated by lovable sea otters and menacing sharks. But it’s not all fish and games—keeping an education center afloat requires some serious organization and collaboration.

Swimming in a sea of data

A popular destination for tourists and locals alike, the Seattle Aquarium is an iconic waterfront landmark. The not-for-profit recognized the need for an intranet site to tackle its struggle with internal communication and collaboration.

  • Employees were often unaware of key announcements and events

  • There was no central location for handbooks and policies

  • 100GB+ of files scattered across computers and file shares

"We knew we were missing a key piece of communications infrastructure, but were constrained by a lack of budget and expertise," said Ryan Dean, the aquarium's director of finance and administration.

Volunteer power

Our pro-bono content team worked nights and weekends to help bring the Seattle Aquarium’s new intranet site to life. From design and UX to development, we customized the site—dubbed Aquanet—to meet the aquarium’s requirements.

Slalom delivered a simple, clean design using the latest Microsoft SharePoint technology. It's clear to me that we can’t live without it.

Aquanet to the rescue

Aquanet is now the Seattle Aquarium’s main source for employee news and information. The centralized information source allows employees to devote more time supporting the aquarium’s mission and less time searching for documents.

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