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People using VR glasses, robotic gloves, and 3d printing

Our clients have been asking us to push the boundaries of what’s possible, to help them explore the next frontier of technology and customer experiences, and to help them reach for and realize their futures. 

Slalom Element is taking on that challenge.

Specially curated for organizations across all industries—from utilities to entertainment to healthcare and financial services—Slalom Element provides hands-on discovery, inspiration and innovation for our clients that are looking for that special experience.  This is a place to explore the future, to see and experience the future and unleash the creativity that comes from a day with Slalom Element.

People using VR glasses, robotic gloves, and 3d printing

Starting with our flagship NYC Lab212, we created Slalom Element Laboratories to help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster and build better tomorrows for all.

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Slalom Innovation Lab + Ericsson 5G

Our labs are exploring themes that are at the core of how humanity and technology are inspiring the future of how we work, play, travel, learn and stay healthy.

We built Slalom Element to inspire ourselves and our clients to not just talk about innovation but rather to experience it hands-on and build that creative energy into the DNA of their businesses.

person using virtual reality headset

From Augmented Reality and Digital Humans to Robotics and 5G Connected Everything – the future is here at Slalom Element


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Meet us in lab212 in NYC

Want to test-drive the latest tech in a high-powered 5G environment? Slalom Element lab212 is located in the One World Trade Center of New York City and is open for tours for potential clients.  

285 Fulton St, 61st Floor, Suite M
New York, NY 10007



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Meet your Slalom Element team

You'll work with a team of leading researchers, analysts, creators, and industry experts to create, adopt, and harness the groundbreaking technology of tomorrow to realize your brand’s fullest potential. Get to know some of the Slalom Element team.

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We're always thinking ahead to help you meet the future.
Person using a virtual reality headset

What's with the Metaverse?

Person using a virtual reality headset

The Metaverse will define the next wave of our virtual lives with a significant impact on both society and business. What is it and how should your business be thinking about? Are you ready to pivot your digital strategy to serve the consumer of the future?

Waving lines of computer animation

Fast forward to the future with digital twins

Waving lines of computer animation

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, process, service, or system. This technology has the power to transform your business. Here's how to get started.

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