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Slalom Element

Explore the future

Slalom Element was designed and built to help our customers create innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. From augmented reality and digital humans to 5G and robotics, we can empower you to experience the future today—and shape what’s next.

Slalom Element is here to help you push the boundaries of what’s possible and explore the next frontier of technology and customer experiences.

Specially curated for organizations across all industries—from utilities to entertainment to healthcare and financial services—we provide hands-on discovery, inspiration, and innovation for our clients that are looking for that special experience. This is a place to see and experience the future and unleash your creativity.

We built Slalom Element to inspire ourselves and our clients to not just talk about innovation but rather to experience it hands-on and build that creative energy into the DNA of their businesses.

John Tomik
Founder & Managing Director, Slalom Element Labs

Themes & technologies

At Slalom Element, we’re exploring the intersection of humanity and technology in the future of how people work, play, travel, learn, and stay healthy. Here are a few examples.

human relationship

Human-machine relationships

How can hardware and software intertwine with humanity to create something better, stronger, faster, and smarter?


Total automation

How can businesses integrate sensors, robotics, and workflows to improve operations?

digital twins

Digital twins

How can businesses visualize and interact with a physical
environment in a digital way?

Experience the future today

Meet us in lab212 in NYC

Want to test-drive the latest tech in a high-powered 5G environment? Slalom Element lab212 is located in the One World Trade Center of New York City and is open for tours for potential clients.

285 Fulton St, 61st Floor, Suite M 
New York, NY 10007 


Let’s solve together.