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austin tacos

Austin is a fast-paced city filled with creative organizations solving challenging global problems. Slalom Austin thrives in this environment, bringing our ideas, exceptional delivery, and focus on serving the companies within our home city. As Austin evolves, we're growing and expanding our practices and offerings to meet the needs of this ever-changing landscape.

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  • 816 Congress Avenue
  • Suite 1950
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • 737-231-0275

Austinites are all about Austin and 'keeping it local.' There are some really interesting companies here that are innovating at a rapid clip, and they’re hungry for a partner to help them achieve their visions.


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Lindsay Wenk

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consultant spotlight

Amy Flamenbaum

Slalom Austin since 2019. Practice Area Lead and Salesforce leader.

"I love watching a diverse team come together to pool their creativity and talent to build something amazing. The group eventually disbands, but they leave their creation behind, and each person takes a piece of that unique experience to share with the next team."

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Amy Flamenbaum with daughter at cafe