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St. Louis

St. Louis

As the capital of Silicon Prairie, St. Louis is more than just the “Gateway to the West.” From diverse neighborhoods and restaurants to worldwide brands, our city is a city of eclectic dots. As a true partner, we help connect these dots in a very real way by working with companies who serve farmers, doctors, and other changemakers who also call this city home. Thanks to our Midwestern roots, we know what it means to be humble yet still hungry.

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  • 7800 Forsyth Boulevard Suite 850
  • St. Louis, MO 63105
  • 314-376-2370




General Manager

Stefanie Thelen

Q&A with Stefanie Thelen

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Meet General Manager Stefanie Thelen

Slalom St. Louis since 2016

"Our culture and style as a consultancy is a perfect fit for St. Louis. It’s straight-talk, outcome-driven, pragmatic, and very authentic. That’s a great fit for who St. Louis is as a business climate and a city."
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