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Examining economic uncertainty

A woman holds a bag of groceries.

Follow the food

Economic turbulence has been dominating headlines. While some experts suggest we’re currently in a recession, others are optimistically predicting a rebound, and there are plenty of opinions in between. As we wait to see what the future will hold, there are indicators from past recessions we can gather insights from, plus a new stability metric we can look at to demystify current conditions.

A recession today could be best informed by evaluating the ratio between food-based inflation and personal earnings. In other words: Follow the food.

Dive into this whitepaper to understand what’s driving inflation and a possible recession so your organization can map out business strategies with an informed approach.

Build a playbook for addressing today’s uncertainty

While “recession” can be a scary word, it's important to note that innovation has not stifled during past economic downturns. Think microprocessors of the 1970s Stagflation Recession and smartphones of the early 2000s Great Recession, for example. Even with economic uncertainty looming, business leaders can seize opportunities and mitigate risks. Check out this whitepaper to look into how we got here, what could be next, and how leaders can prepare for the future by considering key business elements. 

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