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Horizons is dedicated to creating a world where infinite variations in mind and body are represented, empowered, and celebrated.


We amplify the voices of disabled, neurodiverse, and mental health communities, and we are committed to being educators and advisors. We realize our mission through educational programming, accessibility initiatives, policy reform, recruiting, and a commitment to intersectional allyship.


  • Community: We work to build community, network, and foster spaces of support both within and external to Slalom. This includes building bridges across other employee resource groups, as our key stakeholder populations are often impacted by other identity categories in significant, complex, and personal ways.
  • Impact & Educate: We develop, support, and lead internal educational programs and campaigns. We also serve in an advisory capacity to Slalom employees, groups, internal teams, and leadership. We seek to create a healthier workplace that promotes and protects the health and safety of all employees. This includes leading and supporting measurable initiatives for Slalom to become a recognized leader in the space of accessibility. 

Because we live in a different space, we have challenges that people who don’t live with a disability or who are not a neurodivergent have. We see the world differently, and we interact differently.

Nabou Dieng-Strife
Senior Consultant, Kansas City

Slalom employee Jenae looks at the camera while in the office.

Once I learned about my diagnosis, everything just clicked, and it really did save my life. So now whenever people ask me about it, I'm very open and honest around, ‘Yes, I am disabled, I am neurodivergent. This is my story.’

Leslie Dill
Senior Consultant, Boston

Slalom employee Angela stands with a group of employees.

On being diagnosed at 45 with ADHD, I took the decision that I would live my journey in the open in the hope that my experiences would help others along theirs.

Martin Gale
Senior Director, London

Slalom employee Philip works in the Slalom office.

I joined Slalom because I could tell they valued me as a whole person. It’s also the reason I’m still here ten years later!

Harlan Smith
Senior Director, Seattle

Slalom employee Angela stands with a group of employees.

Let’s solve together.

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