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Financial services

Our experts in banking, insurance, wealth management, real estate, and capital markets partner with industry leaders to develop and launch new operating models, identify and monetize new revenue sources, and get more value from their technology investments.

The financial services industry faces unprecedented economic, competitive, and regulatory challenges. Through digital transformation, financial institutions can attract new customers, keep costs at a minimum, maximize revenue, and rise above the competition.

We partner with market leaders and emerging players as they transform amidst uncertainty and strive for growth. We can help you innovate ahead of disruption, win your most critical competitive battles, and deliver the seamless, integrated experiences customers have come to expect.


By making transformational changes in healthcare and life sciences possible, we’re committed to getting people the care they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Whether improving care access and outcomes or making health insurance more affordable, we’re inspired by your mission to help deliver what’s next. 

We leverage learning from multiple industries, innovative clients, and top technology partners—while always remaining cognizant of healthcare’s unique constraints. Our methodologies keep patients at the center of everything we do.

Our 750+ healthcare experts are motivated by outcomes, not hours. We focus on strategy, technology, and transformation to support the following healthcare imperatives:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Experience & engagement
  • Technology modernization
  • Clinical & financial analysis

Life sciences

From research and development to marketing and distribution, we help biotech and pharmaceutical leaders with some of their most strategic business challenges.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the life sciences landscape. While regulatory and pricing pressures continue to rise, the demand to provide exceptional service to patients and increase collaboration with providers is unparalleled. Meanwhile, the burden of gathering, interpreting, and incorporating vast datasets is increasing. And massive investments hang in the balance at every stage—from research and development to marketing, sales, and distribution.

Fortunately, Slalom’s life science consultants are well-versed in transformation—across people, process, and technology. Our human-centered, evidence-driven approach is supported by a product mindset that puts collaboration and outcomes first. We can help you build a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. We enable your organization across domains and functions—from R&D to commercial, supply chain, and regulatory.

We bring a forward-thinking, big-picture perspective, complemented by a commitment to get things done with you. We look forward to joining your team and tackling what’s next.


The need for exceptional customer experiences—and the infrastructure to enable them—is driving rapid innovation in manufacturing.

From supply chain optimization to digital factories, manufacturing teams are at the front line of customer service. We focus on helping our global and emerging customers achieve real time, connected, and intelligent solutions for their innovative goals. Our team’s expertise spans aerospace and engineering, automotive, construction, and manufacturing.

Media & communications

The media and communications (M&C) industry is changing rapidly.

The proliferation of digital platforms and new immersive experiences, shifts in viewing habits, and acceleration of cord-cutting are disrupting the industry and driving change, innovation and consolidation.

Globally, our M&C customers count on us for our deep industry knowledge, helping them to redefine what's possible and enact lasting change. From leading global brands to ambitious startups, studios to streamers, and live sports to gaming, we understand our M&C customers' teams, culture, and unique industry challenges to deliver the outcomes you want and need most.

Slalom's comprehensive experience spans multiple industry segments—including advertising, communications, gaming, and media & entertainment—and solution areas to enable your organization across domains and functions.

Public & social impact

Our public and social impact team helps government, education institutions, and non-profit organizations improve their service experience and build trusting relationships.

We are honored to help organizations that strengthen their communities better manage their projects, budgets, and people. We have deep knowledge across public sector business lines, including criminal justice, public safety, retirement systems, transportation, higher education, and more. We count many nonprofit organizations among our growing customer base—helping them expand their reach and ability to build better tomorrows for all. Our consultants often say their most meaningful projects are when they're positively impacting their communities.


We help global resources companies improve their operations, connect their people across locations, and drive efficiency on a worldwide scale.
Our resources consultants have supported leaders in agriculture, energy, environmental services, materials and chemicals, and natural resources.

Retail & consumer goods

Customers’ expectations are constantly rising. We help retailers and consumer goods companies exceed them. 

Consumer-direct companies are in a battle to better find, understand, and connect with customers. We work side by side with our customers to help transform their organizations into seamless, customer-centric, omni-channel businesses; find the best way to launch (or relaunch) a channel or market; improve the information and product flow around suppliers, stores, and customers; and scale operations into new markets.

Our solutions draw from our experience and expertise across business disciplines, including customer engagement, products and innovation, and strategy and operations. And our expertise in the industry spans retail, food and beverage, hospitality, packaged goods, and travel, transportation, and logistics. We'll partner with you to design a tailor-made, integrated strategy to retain the customers you have and attract new ones.


From innovative employee retention solutions to data-driven corporate cultures, evolving product security, and digital transformation at speed, the technology sector leads the way.
Top technology companies—in software, hardware, professional services, and beyond—trust us to help them with their technology, strategy, and transformation initiatives. Together, we design, develop, test, build, and manage solutions that enable them to shape the future.



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