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One city’s urgent response to a federal reporting problem

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We helped the housing department of a rapidly growing city eliminate spreadsheets and manual reporting with an elegant, user-friendly Salesforce solution—in just three months.

Challenge: Federal compliance

This city’s Department of Housing Stability was in danger of incurring federal fines. The mission of the department is to partner with public, private, and nonprofit organizations to ensure there are safe, livable housing options for those with low and moderate incomes, people with special needs, and the low-income elderly. The issue was its need to comply with reporting requirements connected with their federally funded affordable housing initiatives.

The necessary information was locked in 100+ spreadsheets, and maintained through complex, highly manual input methods. There was no path to consolidated reporting—a problem exacerbated for teams by an incredible boom in urban and suburban population growth. The department wanted to give their existing Salesforce system the ability to track all housing programs in the city, and to report on trends, daily activities, complaints, and other metrics.

Solution: Out with the old, in with the new

In partnership with the city and county’s Technology Services department, Slalom designed and delivered a Salesforce solution that streamlined data input and simplified the reporting process, creating a straight line to compliance. The solution was built on Salesforce CRM and Conga, and included not just shiny new technology, but also helping staff migrate their job functions to the new system. Divisions whose lives were made easier by the solution included the Development Team, Compliance Team, Finance Team, and Assessor’s Office.

Result: Clarity and confidence

Slalom helped transition users from Excel to Salesforce, tracking over 2,000 compliant units, and creating 90% out-of-the-box functionality solutions for daily activities. And the department, as well as avoiding federal fines, can now easily demonstrate the worth of the service it provides to its most vulnerable citizens. As our client put it, “This office can now speak clearly and with confidence as to the status of their programs, something they could not do just 12 weeks earlier.”

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