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Slalom named 2023 Databricks Health & Life Sciences Partner of the Year

San Francisco – June 27, 2023 – Slalom has been named a Partner of the Year for the fifth consecutive time by Databricks, the Data & AI company, this year for Health & Life Sciences. As a top Databricks partner, Slalom leads the way with its strong go-to-market alignment and technical expertise. The company was presented with the award at Databricks Data & AI Summit 2023 this week.

Renowned for helping companies embrace “The Art of Possible”, Slalom has supported customers on their data lifecycle journey to reach greater heights together through the Databricks Lakehouse. With more than 250 Databricks-certified consultants, Slalom has delivered over 300 projects.


Slalom launches Healthcare & Life Sciences Lakehouse Accelerator

Slalom’s newly launched Healthcare & Life Sciences Lakehouse Accelerator empowers customers with the tools to design, develop and deploy data engineering infrastructure in the cloud to help meet business critical needs while expanding innovation and research capabilities. By harnessing the power of Databricks’ complete Lakehouse platform, organizations can reap the benefits of user satisfaction, improved efficiency, and time-to-market, gaining an invaluable competitive edge in today’s information landscape.

Key features of Slalom’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Lakehouse Accelerator include:

  1. Databricks Workflows - Configuration-driven pipelines used to manage the orchestration of data

  2. Delta Live Tables & Expectations - Persist and validate data into medallion architecture, utilizing built-in data validations and automated consent qualifications

  3. Databricks Workspace & Cluster Terraform Templates – Infrastructure as code, driving promotion of all aspects of the Lakehouse platform to upper environments

  4. Databricks Repos & CICD Pipelines – Integration to codebase management processes to maintain and version control complex logic


Slalom and Databricks Recent Customer Success

The digital health division of a leading biotechnology company had a need to transform their legacy data platform. Used to manage research, data publication, and collaboration among real-world research networks involving neurodegenerative diseases. The data platform transformation would introduce a robust and modular system to ingest, validate, and harmonize data in a variety of formats.  The solution served as a unified analytics platform enabling application developers, data engineers, and algorithm designers to collaborate.

“We were tasked to leverage Databricks to its full potential” said Satya Kamarajuggada, Director, Boston Build Center at Slalom. With close coordination among Databricks partner solution architects, “The solution design responded and adapted to updates released to General Availability hot-off-the-press” said Siddharth Thiruvalluvan, Solution Architect, NYC Data & Analytics at Slalom, ensuring the most contemporary rendition of the lakehouse was delivered.

A recent Foundry report that surveys 400+ IT Leaders on the state of the data stack finds that two-thirds (66%) are using a data lakehouse, and 84% of those who aren’t; are likely to consider doing so. To this end, the delivery team packaged lessons learned to develop the novel solution accelerator.

Slalom’s Partner of the Year Award showcases the success of the shared vision Slalom and Databricks have to accelerate science, enabling life science organizations to build best-in-class analytics environments, transforming business and lives.


Learn more about the Slalom + Databricks partnership here.

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