Stories of Slalom and Salesforce

10 things we're doing together to help, now and for the future

We're always proud of our Salesforce work. Every project has a meaningful impact on human lives—for our people, our clients, and their customers. This is especially true now. So much of what we're doing is protecting people and accelerating essential action.

We hope these stories remind you of how much good is still happening in the world, as we come together to make it better.

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story 1

Moving $350B+ into the hands of small business owners

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When Congress passed the CARES Act to provide $350B+ in loans to US small businesses to help them weather the economic impacts of the global pandemic, a small business support organization was flooded with calls, requests, and 20,000 searches per hour. We helped the agency quickly deploy a Salesforce Service Cloud chatbot and nCino loan processing solution to reduce loan processing times from roughly 30 days to around 24 hours, getting money into the hands of small business owners and their employees fast. 

story 2

Expediting patient care during a pandemic

In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis,  Piedmont Healthcare, an 11-hospital system in Georgia that serves 2.7 million people annually, saw a massive influx of patients calling in with questions and symptoms. Slalom and Piedmont were already working together on a Salesforce Health Cloud implementation when the organization asked for help standing up a COVID-19 response hotline. Within three days, we developed new workflows in Salesforce, new call scripting, and dashboards to help 60 triage nurses and agents quickly route patients to the best care provider, ranging from their Primary Care Physician to the Emergency Department.

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story 3

Feeding the world

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One of our global clients connects crops to people in 180 countries across six continents, and believes that access to nutrition has the power to solve many of the world’s challenges. Slalom partnered with this extraordinary company to deploy a merchandising platform, powered by Salesforce, that empowers small farms everywhere to join their supplier mix, drive broader meal purchasing, and ultimately feed the world. 

story 4

Saving people time with DMV self-service

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Slalom worked with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of a large US state to offer self-service options for registration and license renewals. We built a Salesforce Service Cloud chatbot that can field 60,000 conversations weekly in 14 different languages. With the chatbot handling the majority of inquiries, overall DMV response times have seen a 75% improvement, from an average of 130 minutes to 33.

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story 5

Defining the future of patient experience

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We helped UCLA Health International Services integrate its customer relationship management system with its electronic health records to marry clinical processes with modern engagement practices. Thanks to Salesforce Lightning Experience, automated workflows, and a custom quoting tool, care coordinators are delivering outstanding patient experiences. This is what the unleashed potential of an EHR and CRM integration looks like: each platform playing to its strengths, each supported by a good implementation and streamlined processes.

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story 6

Keeping shelves stocked and glasses raised

People still have a lot to celebrate and reasons to raise a glass these days, albeit virtually, keeping the demand for festive libations high. Slalom partnered with several major beverage companies to keep shelves stocked and product placements optimal during these high-demand times by enabling their sales teams with mobile, in-hand solutions powered by Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud.

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story 7

Testing and diagnosing to save lives

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Testing and diagnosing COVID-19 is essential to isolating those who are sick, and thus slowing the spread of the virus. Slalom is partnering with a leading provider of COVID diagnostic tests to help the company handle the unprecedented demand and prioritize distribution. Leveraging Tableau dashboards in Salesforce, enabled by Slalom’s Salesforce Tableau ClickEmbed solution, company executives can identify trends in the spread of the virus and make sure tests go to the countries, cities and people who need them most. 

story 8

Scrubbing in to keep hearts beating


One of Slalom's life sciences clients makes pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators that keep hearts beating, including the heart belonging to the father of one of our Salesforce practice leaders. When this company receives a call with questions related to one of their devices—calls that often come from doctors in the operating room—those calls are routed and tracked via Salesforce Service Cloud to get information to doctors and patients quickly.

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story 9

Helping retailers go digital, fast

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In this time of social distancing, people are relying on online shopping like never before—whether they need groceries, medicine, clothing, or noise-canceling headphones for an escape. To support this trend, Slalom is partnering with your favorite retailers to leverage Salesforce B2C Commerce to quickly activate new online shopping experiences that enable you to order online and get same-day, at-home delivery, often from your local store.

story 10

Changing careers and lives in five weeks

The 120 people who have graduated from the Slalom Salesforce Academy since 2017 include former music teachers, electricians, healthcare professionals, social services professionals, Veterans, stay-at-home parents transitioning back into the workforce, and recent graduates stepping into their first jobs. After just five weeks of training, each Salesforce Academy graduate is set on a career and often life-altering path to become a Salesforce expert, with no prior experience required.

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