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Generative AI with Slalom and AWS

Make your AI goals a reality with AWS

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Together, we can rethink the impossible with Amazon Bedrock, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has compared this moment in the generative AI (GenAI) revolution to being, “three steps into a 10K race.” At Slalom, we couldn’t agree more. While we encourage leaders to understand the productivity gains made possible with GenAI today, we think that the most transformative uses of this technology are just around the corner. Are you ready?

Learn how you can use GenAI tools designed by AWS together with your greatest assets, your people, to delight your customers and disrupt the status quo in your industry.

Key AI Safety Strategies for AWS Customers

Let’s all agree that AI initiatives are not without risks. While there are many ways that organizations can mitigate the risks of GenAI implementation, a great place to start is to lead with privacy and regulations, as well as ensure rigorous testing, experimentation, and guardrails. Here’s what that looks like for AWS customers.

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Louder than a Whisper: Praise for AI Coding Assistants that Doesn’t Overpromise

In pursuit of disruptive speed, companies are considering code generators like Amazon CodeWhisperer. But how fast are these tools, really? And what is their impact not just on developer speed, but developer satisfaction? How do you measure that? Learn more about the potential of AI coding assistants and the metrics to track as you implement them.


Making Virtual Assistants More Human with Digital People

Meet Sophie, a digital person created by Slalom using generative AI technology, specifically Amazon Bedrock and Soul Machines. Digital people simulate human behavior and can act as virtual assistants for a variety of use cases, from supporting teams to improving the customer experience. Get a glimpse of what Sophie can do for your organization.

Generative AI for Chat-based Search with Slalom and AWS

Generative AI has ushered in a new era of search, one where users can get the information they're looking for with simple conversation instead of endless clicks and filters. To understand the new possibilities this creates for businesses and see a live demo, watch our on-demand webinar or read our article on the AWS Partner Network Blog.


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