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Generative AI with Slalom and Google Cloud

Together, we make generative AI work for everyone

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Transformation in the age of GenAI

Because generative AI is changing and evolving faster than we’ve ever seen before, businesses need to be even more agile when it comes to planning and executing their AI programs. 

Google and Slalom are on the forefront of creating and delivering the solutions you need to get generative AI into the hands of your workers—while doing so safely and securely. Our combined expertise will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape so you can be sure you’re getting the most from your generative AI efforts.

Is your data ready for generative AI?

GenAI is more of a marathon than a sprint. Healthy data will keep your GenAI initiatives running at their best.

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Three priorities for moving your GenAI program forward

Slalom can help you move beyond the hype, the workshop, or the proof of concept to a place where GenAI delivers differentiation and disruption.

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Elevate your workforce with AI

Boost productivity and creativity in your organization with enhanceIQ, Slalom’s data-driven approach to streamlining work, powered by Gemini for Google Cloud.

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Making artificial intelligence helpful for everyone

Google Cloud and Slalom want to democratize GenAI so everyone can benefit from this groundbreaking technology. If you missed Google Cloud Next ’23 or just want to get the highlights, click below for Slalom’s recap.


Slalom partners with Google Cloud to launch a new Google Generative AI Center of Excellence

The new CoE will help customers identify how to best leverage Google Cloud’s enterprise-ready generative AI capabilities to satisfy their unique needs.

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Boosting your business with generative AI

Google Cloud’s approach to generative AI highlights both the practical applications of the technology that can deliver incredible productivity and efficiency gains for your organization as well as the features that will amaze and delight your customers.


Let’s solve together.