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Reimagine the Workplace

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Your ETHOS for how to reimagine work

We know things are not going back to the way they were. Employees want more flexibility, and employers have started to embrace hybrid and remote working models. The best organizations are focusing on people—listening to what employees, customers, and partners want in the future of work to ensure an inclusive, equitable future.

People are seeking flexibility. Leaders are wondering how to maintain connection among employees and customers. As a result, organizations continue to iterate on the future of work. The stakes are high. Organizations must evolve rapidly, and they need a way to simplify the path. They need a compass for the future.

Finding your path forward

Calls for flexible and resilient workplaces are not new. 

There is a long history of flexible collaboration. Recent events have simply accelerated global trends.

Each company’s landscape is unique and contextual.

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution for the modern workplace. Multiple factors must be weighed against evidence-based best practices for a tailor-made approach

ETHOS is your compass

So, where do you start the journey?

Start with your ETHOS:

Engagement. How do we engage our employees, teams, and customers?

Talent. What are our strategies for retaining and attracting top employees?

Health. How will we ensure the safety and well-being of our employees?

Operations. What are the processes that need to be reimagined?

Systems. Which systems must change or be adopted?

Are you surviving the change or thriving in it?

Our research indicates three themes:

  1. Flexible. Flexibility is here to stay and is core to the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) of the future, as there are more choices in the marketplace.
  2. Inclusive. Focus on the people with an emphasis on well-being, humanity, and empathy.
  3. Connection. This is the greatest challenge and opportunity. We are better together—understand your employee preferences.

Watch our video series below to hear thoughtful perspectives on the future of work, or keep scrolling to learn more about Slalom's ETHOS model.


In our era of tech transformation, smart business strategy can mean continuing to do what you already do better, making fundamental changes, or reinventing your company completely. As always, Slalom takes a fiercely human approach with people at its core. 

Employee Experience

Leaders weigh in on balancing the line between work and life, creating meaningful connections, and supporting holistic wellbeing in a remote world.

Reinventing Work

Get a taste of how we're approaching the opportunity to adapt how we work here at Slalom, with a focus on building a better future for our clients and team members.

Getting there, together

As a people-first consulting firm, we understand that getting to the right hybrid model requires putting people’s diverse attitudes about returning to the office at the center of organizational design. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We lead with empathy, while balancing business and customer needs.

Let’s solve together.