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REACH (Recruiting, Education, Authenticity, Community, Heritage) is a family of empowered and engaged Black employees focused on helping each other succeed professionally and personally. 


We strive to build awareness by attracting, connecting, retaining, and advancing Black team members, as well as expanding REACH’s networking relationships for the betterment of Slalom, our brand, our people, and our Black community. 


  • Create a purpose-driven company of connected, empowered, and engaged team members who best reflect and support the communities in which we live and work.



This is a place where I feel that I can be open about my experiences as a Black man in a way that I have not before.

Cyrell Williams
Senior Director, Los Angeles

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It’s the ability to be around community, and for them to inspire, challenge, and unlock unrealized potential. Slalom promotes this connection that drives authentic Slalomers to show up and be there—and when it’s a person that looks like you, it elevates the experience even more.

Dwayne King
Project Manager, Seattle

Slalom's Dwayne King.

Every day I learn something new about myself, the business, or our people. To be in constant learn mode and to be open to what that unlocks for you and others—that’s the Slalom difference.

Yolanda Scott Weston
General Manager, Washington, DC

Slalom's Yolanda Scott Weston.

Let’s solve together.

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