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April – September 
In a city near you!

Let’s build better tomorrows, together.

At Slalom, we help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all. 

This year, AWS Summits takes us around the globe to connect with members of the cloud community to exchange knowledge and discuss innovations in cloud technology. Stop by one of our booths and join us at local happy hours to connect with our teams. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Thought Leadership

Generative AI with Slalom and AWS

Together, we can rethink the impossible with Amazon Bedrock, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and more.

Learn how you can use GenAI tools designed by AWS together with your greatest assets, your people, to delight your customers and disrupt the status quo in your industry.

Optimize your AWS costs and unlock value across your cloud investments

What helps organizations thrive in the cloud era, and especially in times of turbulence? Smarter cloud spending strategies. Learn how to increase cost accountability with cloud financial management (CFM), unlock the value of serverless sooner, and architect for profitability with AWS. 

coworkers working on problem

Louder than a Whisper: Praise for AI Coding Assistants That Doesn’t Overpromise

In pursuit of developer happiness and disruptive speed, companies are considering code generators like Amazon CodeWhisperer. What results are realistic?

Let’s solve together.