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Salesforce & Slalom

At Slalom, we believe anything is possible. As the #3 global Salesforce partner, we bring an inclusive, fiercely human approach to help you modernize your business.

We leverage Salesforce technology to push boundaries, embrace disruption, and deliver innovative industry solutions that transform our customers’ businesses. Our goal is to help you stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market.

A happy and relazed Virgin Voyages passenger starts their day with breakfast and reading.

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Virgin Voyages: Charting the future of customer service with GenAI

As a leader in every area of the Salesforce ecosystem, we'll work with you to customize the right technology solution stack tailored to your goals.

Our salesforce capabilities & industries

  • Billing
  • Commerce 
    • B2B Commerce Cloud 
    • B2C Commerce 
    • OMS 
  • Communications Cloud 
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Data Cloud 
  • Einstein GPT 
  • Education Cloud 
  • Experience Cloud 
  • Financial Service Cloud 
  • Financial Services
    •     Insurance
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Health Cloud 
  • High Tech
  • Marketing  
    • Account Engagement (Pardot) 
    • Advertising (Ad Studio) 
    • Intelligence (Datorama)
    • Loyalty 
    • Marketing Cloud (Engagement) 
    • Personalization (Interaction Studio)
  • Manufacturing, Auto, Energy
  • Manufacturing Cloud 
  • Media & Communications
  • MuleSoft 
  • Net Zero Cloud 
  • Non-Profit Cloud 
  • Platform 
  • Public Sector Solutions 
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Sales Cloud 
    • Certinia 
    • Revenue Cloud 
    • Pricing 
  • Service Cloud 
    • Contact Center Modernization 
    • Digital Engagement 
    • Field Service Cloud 
  • Slack 
  • Tableau 
    • CRM Analytics  
  • Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality 

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We value Slalom’s deep industry expertise and investment in talented people to create and innovate on our platform, delivering extraordinary outcomes for our joint customers around the world. Together, we are shaping the future of technology and revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their customers.

Indira Gillingham
Vice President, Partner Alliances

Our featured solutions


Salesforce Data Cloud Readiness Workshop

Prepare for success with our interactive Salesforce Data Cloud Readiness workshop. Discover the power of customer data, gain insights and strategies to optimize data utilization, and leave with tangible next steps.

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Salesforce AI Accelerator for Engaging Virtual Assistants

Enhance your customer’s experience by providing personalized, dynamic, and conversational interactions with AI-powered assistants.

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Knowledge-Centered Service powered by Generative AI

By leveraging the power of generative AI and Salesforce Service Cloud, businesses can overcome the challenges of knowledge management and deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive success in today's digital era.

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Slalom's Amazon Buy with Prime Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Convert new shoppers with the convenience of Amazon Prime, offering fast, free delivery, and a checkout experience that millions of shoppers' trust.

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Slalom’s Quote to Cash Health Check

As your QTC doctors, we’ll evaluate sales processes, diagnose pain points, and examine data quality and governance for gaps. Our prescribed recommendations, aligned with cutting-edge best practices, ensure a comprehensive quote-to-cash solution boost!

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Measuring Financed Emissions

Slalom's prebuilt configuration of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud helps Financial Sector companies measure the climate impact associated with their services, evaluate risks, inform capital allocation, and accelerate sustainability goals.

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DocuSign Contract Lifecycle Management Accelerator for Salesforce

The DocuSign Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Accelerator for Salesforce offers seamless integration, enabling swift deployment of CLM solutions. It optimizes CLM processes and facilitates AI integration for automated tasks, data analysis, and risk mitigation.

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Slalom’s Composable Commerce Accelerator

Adapt quickly to changing market demands without overhauling your entire e-commerce infrastructure. Our Composable Commerce Accelerator provides a more modular, adaptable, and future-proof way of building and growing your online business.

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Department of Motor Vehicles Modernization

Slalom's DMV Modernization Accelerator, fueled by Salesforce, transforms DMVs. Elevating experiences for both employees and customers, it streamlines processes, accelerates case handling, and provides insight-driven dashboards and reporting.

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