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AWS | Slalom Launch Centers

Accelerating digital transformation through cloud modernization


The challenge

When it comes to digital transformation, many companies are simply stuck.


As cloud capabilities upend the status quo, opportunities – as well as disruptions – are confronting organizational progress head on. And for the past few years, they’ve been countering with digital transformation efforts that haven’t shown success fast enough. Almost half of all businesses are stuck, largely due to some pretty common pitfalls.

What’s holding them back?

Companies are learning that becoming a digital, cloud-native organization isn’t just slinging buzzwords or deploying technology. But instead, it’s about making real, lasting organizational changes that can drive value, both now and into the future.


The solution

AWS | Slalom Launch Centers


Combining the expertise, scale, and proven processes of AWS and Slalom, Launch Centers drive positive momentum for any business dedicated to digitally driven change. It’s a holistic approach blending perspectives and capabilities to help our customers to fully realize their potential and make a true digital transformation.

Cloud innovation book


The race to cloud innovation is on

Cloud innovation book

Uncover how - and why - innovation like OnePoint Digital Solutions, a Koch Engineered Solutions Company , and LG CNS chose to collaborate with AWS and Slalom to plan and execute their digital transformation projects. 

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The outcome

Fuel to move you forward.

But more than just fuel, it’s guidance, direction, teaming, methodology, and so much more. All designed to propel your organization into the future you’re envisioning. From app modernization to org modernization. From digital strategy development to digital product building and all the way through to your cloud migration efforts, Launch Centers will elevate as well as accelerate your journey.

LG CNS: Transformation around the world

“As a result of working with AWS and Slalom Launch Centers, LG CNS became the best modern agile application builder in South Korea.” -Sang Yeob Park Vice President | LG CNS Korea

LG CNS: Transformation around the world


How it works

Prepare for launch

Wherever you may be on your transformation journey, Launch Centers are purpose-built to create lasting organizational change in just a few easy steps.


Identify a business-critical digital product, platform, or people initiative.


Preferably one that can make an immediate, lasting impact across your organization. We’ll begin to shape a holistic, best-in-class technology approach immediately.



Build it!


New skills, new tools, new methodologies. Alongside our expert teams (virtually if necessary—we’re the experts in remote collaboration), you’ll build cloud technology products and organizational capabilities that will begin to change your future.


Scale across the organization.


This isn’t just a goal to be reached, it’s a detailed map for holistic changes at scale across your company—while upskilling teams and creating organizational alignment. Launch Centers drive toward continuous real-world business transformation.


What can you expect from your Launch Center experience?


Become a force of future.

Innovation. Scale. Proven methodology. Real-world results. If you’re ready to launch your organization forward, let’s talk.

Your future starts today. Ready?