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Four key findings about data culture: A Moonshot research report

Is there a data gap in your company? 

Slalom surveyed 1,000 business decision makers across multiple industries and collected four of the most important findings in a special report about the state of data in today's business world.

For example, 56% of executives say they have access to the data they need, while 71% of managers say they don't.  

The goal of the research was to discover where companies see themselves on the Modern Culture of Data curve. There are five elements to a Modern Culture of Data—vision, transparency, guardianship, literacy, and ways of working—but at its heart it’s about using clear, comprehensible data to power decision making at every level of your organization.

This project is part of our Moonshot initiative, created to help companies realize their boldest ambitions, powered by data—in partnership with Slalom, AWS, Tableau, and Snowflake.

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