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Is process automation undermining the success of your inclusion, diversity, and equity program?

Today’s business leaders have access to some of the most sophisticated automation technologies in human history.

In addition, inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) has become a critical component of corporate strategy linked to both organizational and social benefits. Implemented in tandem, ID&E and automation programs can lead to significant financial gains. But there’s a catch—left unchecked, enterprise automation may undermine the momentum and success of corporate ID&E programs by disproportionally displacing people who comprise the most diverse teams within the workforce.

Automation technology isn’t new. We’ve seen its impacts from the Industrial Revolution and beyond. While 21st century organizations have the unprecedented opportunity to leverage automation technologies to streamline operations, optimize workflows, and maximize profits it is imperative that business leaders take steps to minimize the negative workforce disruption that automation can bring.

Insights for successfully aligning automation and ID&E programs

This whitepaper by Zack Kelemen, Roger Smedley, and Robert Toro explores the ways in which enterprise automation can inadvertently harm workplace diversity, and offers strategies for how to take advantage of automation while avoiding negative impacts to your diverse employees.

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