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Enabling your business, tech, and data for personalization success

There’s one thing every organization can’t afford to skip out on if they want to boost engagement and sales: personalization.

Personalization is about getting the right content, to the right customers, in the right channel, at the right time. It’s Amazon’s “Recommended for you” engine—which brings in 35 percent of the company's total sales. It’s Spotify’s “Your Daily Mix” playlists full of your favorite tunes. It’s an Alaska Airlines flight attendant coming to your seat during a flight to thank you for being an MVP Gold member. Personalization makes customers feel understood and appreciated—and it helps them find new products and services.

But personalization is complicated. It requires company-wide alignment and cross-functional capabilities, combined with a strategy that’s unique to you and your customers.

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You’ll learn:

  1. ins and outs of personalization—and why it’s about much more than technology
  2. How companies are succeeding at personalization—from scalable technology to small, purposeful touches that have big impacts
  3. How to use our maturity model to set yourself up for success in these key categories: customer experience; business; technology; and data and analytics

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