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Community impact

Slalom has always been active in the communities where we live and work. From corporate philanthropy and pro bono services to fundraising and volunteering, we’re here to use our talents and passions for good—so that everyone has the chance to thrive.

Consultant Tonya Keller paints new decorations for a local elementary school in Atlanta during Slalom’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Time of Service.
Over our three-year Social Equality Initiative campaign, we made donations to 33 organizations across the globe that are truly making a difference in the communities they serve. Slalom’s partnership, and to a lesser extent, our financial support has contributed to meaningful and impactful change in the trajectory of the futures of many, both seen and unseen, within our underrepresented communities.

Rob Potter
Chief Accounting Officer

Slalom's Rob Potter prepares to speak at an event. As Slalom’s Chief Accounting Officer, Rob led the establishment of the Slalom Foundation and has championed the foundation’s Social Equality Initiative, which seeks to break down racial barriers and promote equity in our communities.

Our community goals

In our 2020-2030 community impact goals, Slalom aims to make valuable contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of working to eradicate hunger, promote good health and well-being, provide high-quality education, and establish sustainable economic growth and communities.

Goal 1

Collaborate with our customers and partners to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world. 

Goal 2

Contribute our experience, time, and money to reduce inequalities in communities around the world. 

Goal 3

Grow the endowment of the Slalom Foundation to US$100M to make impactful grants in the future.

Creating positive impact in our communities

Harnessing passion with Partners for Good

Through our community and team member engagement program, Partners for Good, we support community organizations through corporate donations, volunteering, and fundraising. In 2022 alone, we contributed a mighty 16K volunteer hours to more than 400 organizations globally.

One program highlight is the annual food drive, which sees employees around the globe come together to join the fight against hunger. Our most recent efforts raised US$522K and donated 1.5K volunteer hours—the equivalent of providing nearly 1.6 million meals to those in need.

Slalom Manchester team employees volunteer at the Cancer Center Gardens.
Slalom Partners for Good volunteers dig in to help in the garden of a cancer center in Manchester, England.

Making a tangible difference with pro bono services

Slalom partners with community organizations to offer our talented employees on a pro bono basis. Together, we identify and implement game-changing solutions that unlock the power of the organization for the community, with examples ranging from state-of-the-art websites to technology innovations with our partners.

A recent example was supporting Dignity for Divas, an organization that helps women transition out of homelessness in western Washington state, implement modern cloud technology to better manage its data, programs, and donors.

A team of Slalom employees volunteer together.
Slalom team members work to organize Dignity for Divas’ warehouse, developing a workflow and inventory management system.

This is what access and equity looks like.

Nikki Butler

Executive Director, Dignity for Divas

Giving through the Slalom Foundation

Since 2019, Slalom has contributed a portion of funding from the corporation into the Slalom Foundation. The endowment is now over US$10M—and growing.

As with all our charitable endeavors, the Slalom Foundation’s efforts align with Slalom’s purpose to create better tomorrows for all. Funds are disbursed through various philanthropic programs including our hallmark campaign, the Social Equality Initiative (SEI), which supports organizations on the frontlines of dismantling systemic racism. We seek to direct funding to organizations that are representative of the communities they serve. To date, 85% of our grantee organizations are led by racially diverse executive leadership.

As the Foundation continues to grow, we will be looking for ways to intentionally expand our priorities areas, while holding true to Slalom’s goals and values.

picture 1
Kirsten Hartley (Slalom), Ebony Dames Neal, MSW (Hope for Youth, Inc.), and Stephen Valrie (Slalom) celebrate a collaborative partnership to empower youth in our communities.


Our impact

Learn more about Slalom’s progress in our yearly impact report.

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