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Bring your full self to work

Inclusion is more than representation by the numbers. It's a breadth of perspective. It's knowing that you're safe to be yourself at work. It's a daily dialogue undertaken in the spirit of open-mindedness and reflection, and it's embedded into the way we do business.
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I love working for a company that encourages and embraces difference, and seeks new opportunities to celebrate authenticity.

Slalom affinity groups

Community is a key part of what we do. Our affinity groups provide a warm and welcoming place for employees with common interests and goals, backgrounds and ideologies to connect and learn from one another.
GLASS attracts top LGBTQ+ and allied employees, and helps them succeed throughout their careers at Slalom.
Unidos attracts, develops, and retains top Latinx talent, and shares Latinx culture with people of all backgrounds.
REACH is a black affinity group that attracts top black talent to Slalom for the betterment of our people, our community, and business.
Slalom Veterans is an affinity group for Slalom employees who have served in the Armed Forces, was created to ensure that veterans at Slalom are recognized and empowered.
The Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) is a group open to all genders committed to engaging and inspiring every woman at Slalom to achieve her full and unique potential.

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Recruit a better future


Hiring those who look like us and talk like us–it's an all-too-easy trap. Using tools like competency-based interviewing, we're determined to go outside the channels that narrow our views to bring one-of-a-kind candidates and offer opportunities to people from all communities and walks of life.

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Inclusion councils

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Our local councils help oversee Slalom’s inclusion and diversity practices, and play an active role in assessing inclusion and diversity issues, setting strategic direction, and prioritizing our actions, both locally and globally. 

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Widen the circle

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Empathy and compassion are a never-ending quest. We offer employee and client trainings and groups that help us expand our minds, sharpen our perceptions, and make our circle of inclusion even wider.

careers at Slalom

Looking for a new career? Learn about life at Slalom and see our current opportunities.

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Equal opportunity for all

We're an equal opportunity employer, and strive to find ways to attract, develop, and retain highly qualified individuals representing the diverse communities in which we live. Decisions and criteria concerning the employment relationship with all employees are made in a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran's status, citizenship, disability (as defined by applicable law) or any other characteristic protected by law.

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