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Extracting business value from clinical operations data

By collecting and analyzing clinical trial operations data, pharmaceutical companies can plan studies more effectively, minimize uncertainty, and reduce study cost and time.

Clinical trial management plays an important role in developing a new drug and getting it to market. Most clinical trials are plagued by similar management challenges: under- and over- enrollment, lack of site accountability, and disparate data collection—all of which can increase costs and lengthen timelines.

Many pharmaceutical companies already have the data they need to optimize clinical trial management, but that data is often inaccessible and inconsistent. On top of that, pharma companies often lack the analytic tools they need to extract actionable insights from their data.

In this whitepaper, we describe a solution that’s currently in production at a top-five pharma company today that harnesses trial data to improve planning, increases the accountability of research partners and sites, and gives business decision makers the insights they need to make effective decisions.

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