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Slalom Presents is a virtual event series that gives you access to bold, unexpected, inspiring, and educational conversations with the world’s leading voices.  

In our fourth event of the series, Unboxing Work: The Future of Working Together, we hosted three powerhouse experts—Michael C. Bush, Alan Murray, and Kim Scott—for an inspiring and expansive conversation on how work is changing. We discussed the complex challenges of rethinking ways of working to bring out the best in everyone, equitably.

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Leaders had to let go of control. They had no choice. And it turns out, that's one of the best things a leader can do."

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Many organizations have been slow to align on a future of work, but now is the time to evolve rapidly. At Slalom, we believe that this evolution must lead with empathy—putting people's diverse attitudes at the center to preserve your culture and values, while taking a holistic view to balance employee, customer, and business needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every organization must be adaptive to its own unique landscape.

Slalom Ethos

Your ETHOS for hybrid work

Slalom Ethos

Slalom's ETHOS model guides organizations through the decisions and tradeoffs involved in the shift to hybrid work. A detailed ETHOS assessment can help you understand and navigate the impacts of your journey on Engagement, Talent, Health, Operations, and Systems. It's a compass for identifying priorities and focusing on the key areas that will bring your unique hybrid model to life.


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A people-first approach to hybrid remote work (1/3)

Embracing the complexity

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A people-first approach to hybrid remote work (2/3)

Finding the right hybrid model for you

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A people-first approach to hybrid remote work (3/3)

Building employee experience with empathy

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Flexibility, real life, is here to stay.”

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At Slalom, we're proud to help our clients reimagine success in a hybrid world and maximize the value of the shift. Whether you still need to design your future of work model, are looking to transform your organization to enable it, or need to accelerate with quick wins, we're here to help.

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