Industry 4.0 was recently an abstract concept.

Now, it’s a critical differentiator for organizations succeeding in the face of disruption. Explore Slalom's research findings and hear real-world examples from Industry 4.0 implementations–and use these insights to inform the decisions you make today for the future of your manufacturing business. 

Research Summary 

External conditions and rapidly scaling Industry 4.0 advancements are changing the manufacturing industry. Read our high-level findings and discover the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind industry leading programs.  

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The Industry 4.0 Framework: Creating a Shared Understanding

Industry 4.0 initiatives thrive in active collaboration across the entire organization. Align technology applications and create a common language using a framework that addresses seven key capability areas to integrate people, process, and technology.

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Technology Big Bets

Thriving organizations are investing in Industry 4.0 technology. Dive deep into the experiences of manufacturing leaders around the world to identify ideal partnerships and learn the benefits of different technology suites. 

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Considerations for Leaders: New Rules, New Strategies

Implementing changes in Industry 4.0 requires continued commitment from leaders and the enterprise. Control variables independently to create an innovative, change-ready business

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