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Unpacking the mysterious world of the customer data platform (CDP)

by Jake Bennett, Jamie Vann, and Ashley Kline

Advances in machine learning and marketing technology have put the promise of cross-channel personalization within reach for most marketers. In particular, the rise of the customer data platform (CDP) over the last few years has reignited marketers’ hope for a tool that would allow them to create hyper-targeted marketing executions across online and offline channels.

But the rapid increase of dollars flowing into the CDP space has forced most MarTech vendors who touch customer data to rebrand themselves as CDPs. This has led to massive confusion in the marketplace, as marketers struggle to find the right solution. On the surface, all CDPs look the same to prospective buyers, but under the hood they each offer very different functionality.

To aid marketers in their search, we've created a guide that unpacks the key capabilities of CDPs and provides a starting blueprint for your journey to cross-channel personalization and customer 360 success.

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